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About Us

HXI LOGISTICS is a full-service cargo management and transport company established over a
decade ago. During this period, we have gained experience in safely, efficiently, and affordably transporting loads unique to each of our clients. HXI LOGISTICS specializes in the transport of refrigerated, dry van, and hazardous materials to and out of the Chicagoland Los Angeles and San Fracisco area, for truckload and LTL shipment. We have experience and knowledge in transporting all kinds of cargo, including those sensitive to damage and requiring special conditions of carriage.

The backing of our company is high-quality transport equipment that guarantees safe transport of entrusted property. We pride ourselves in dependable transportation of products to the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, for the RIGHT PRICE.

We will help you focus on the core of your business by providing a reliable, affordable, and efficient solution for transportation. Our one-step solution will make your job easier by allowing flexibility to select a level of service most suitable for your unique needs. In addition to already achieving a goal of competitive rates and 98% on-time delivery rating, at HXI LOGISTICS, we want to establish a loyal consumer base and emphasize customer satisfaction.

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1410 Higgins Rd,
Park Ridge IL
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